Tony Fowkes Automobiles Reviews

We would like to say a big thank you to Andy and his team at Tony Fowkes Automobiles for all the work they have carried out on our vans and car over the past year.
We always take our vehicles to them because we know we will get a first class job done. They take great pride in getting a job done to a very high standard.
We would highly recommend them for their speedy and professional work.
Neil & Teresa Sanders



I just wanted to write to you record the excellent experience I had using Tony Fowkes Automobiles when servicing our Transit van recently. The vehicle needed an extensive service including replacing the front discs and pads and your team suggested generic parts which saved a fortune for me. You also prepared the van for its MOT and replaced one tyre; I’m pleased to say it sailed through.
But best of all, you did this at short notice, within one day, and lent us a courtesy van at 7am so there was no disruption to our day
All in all Janine, you and your team at Tony Fowkes Automobiles did an outstanding job.
Please find a cheque enclosed and please book me in for next year now!
Phillip Tait



This is a testimonial for the customer service – and knowhow – provided by Tony Fowkes Automobiles, specifically by you and Andy, both of whom I have been dealing with.
I have had my car serviced by yourselves previously and more recently also called on you because somebody had hit my right wing mirror, leaving the glass dangling off the frame. On both occasions you’ve dealt with my enquiries most promptly, helpfully and with a smile that shines through your emails; absolutely lovely.
The quote for a replacement mirror including labour was around £200.00. A realistic price – pretty galling though when it’s because someone’s hit it – and driven off. Both my husband and I had tried to fix it back into place, but couldn’t.
Once I was at the garage though, along comes Andy – who has clearly seen more broken mirrors than my husband, and, embarrassingly for him – manages to click it back into place!
Marvellous! What a relief. And I get an offer of polishing my mirror too, and a cup of tea — and no invoice.
I drove off again, safe with my fixed wing mirror and delighted to know Tony Fowkes Automobiles.
Thank you very much. I’m spreading the word.
Frieda De Ley



I would like to thank you for the work you carried out to my Rover 214, to get it through the MOT and service.
It was great to know that I was kept on the road by the use of a courtesy vehicle whilst my car was in safe hands with the expertise and professionalism of all at Tony Fowkes Automobile. When I collected my poor Rover, it was like looking and driving my new car off the show room.
My thanks go out to you Andy and I have no doubt that I would recommend you to family and friends, your service was exceptional.
Nicola Cowen



Just a quick email to say many thanks again for all the hard work for the Cadburys vans. Please thank everybody in your workshops for all the superb work and for getting it done in time.
The vans looked superb once fully kitted out and I will make sure you will get some good photos and some footage to see it all in action.
Jacquie has received your final invoice that we will pay straight away. Thanks for the 6% discount. All the best and look forward to working with you guys on the next job
Steve Loible



I will like to thank you for your attention to detail and due care given to my car during its recent service with your garage.
Your ability to provide courtesy car to your clients definitely sets you apart from High Street providers. The personal touch is appreciated. Even down to explaining technical jargon in lay mans terms.
Aspray is proud to be associated with your organisation. And will be pleased to recommend your services to friends and clients alike.
Abi Rotimi



I don’t mean to thank you for a specific excellent service to one of our cars, but more for the consistently outstanding service quality you have been providing to our family and its vehicles over the past couple of years.
After two decades of wandering in despair from one dealer to the next garage suffering the abuses of unreliable or frankly dishonest work, we have now found complete peace of mind: we no longer worry about our cars, we know you are there and we can rely on your diagnosis, your work and your word.
The secret behind the Fowkes formula is that you’ve blended being nice and caring guys with the rigorous systems and processes of high quality vehicle maintenance. The outcome for customers is simple and powerful: think car, think Fawkes!
As you probably know, I am an enthusiastic advocate of your services, have recommended your garage to many a friend or patient, and will no doubt continue to do so for many years in the future.
Mathieu Rossano



I would like to thank Andy Fowkes of Tony Fowkes Automobiles for the work he carried out on my car. My car recently came up with a SRS warning light, I asked Mercedes as to what this fault was. They told me it could be a couple of things, but mainly a faulty passenger seat sensor. To which it will take them about 3 hours to sort out as they will have to remove the seat and will cost about £500 in labour costs.
So I asked Andy to have a look, to which Andy ran his diagnostics system on my car. And yes it was pointing to a faulty sensor. Andy said this should be no problem and will only take about an hour. So Andy went ahead, removed the seat from the car, removed the leather cover and replaced the sensor and all within the hour he quoted.
So not only did Andy do an excellent job on it, as I couldn’t even tell the seat was removed. I saved well over £400 in labour cost and he even clean-it inside and out.
What a fantastic job, I have no problem in recommending Tony Fowkes Automobiles to all my family. Thank you.
Gurmail Dhaliwal



I am so grateful and overwhelmed by your kindness and willingness to help and cannot stop thinking of that.
It is nice to know that people as yourselves still exist in this world.
I cannot describe how much I appreciate your kind nature and wish you every goodness that’s possible.
T. Sanders (Mrs)



My son-in-law recently reversed over an unseen obstruction, which resulted in the lower spoiler being damaged, and falling off the car. I gave the referral to Andy Fowkes on the Friday morning, received the quote by 11:00, and gave the go ahead for the work to be done. Andy phoned at 17:00 to say he now had the necessary parts, and that the car could be dropped in at a time to suit.
The car was taken to the garage on the following Monday, and the part was fitted on the spot.
I would thoroughly recommend entrusting Tony Fowkes Automobiles with any car related problems. Their work is of the highest quality, they are efficient and courteous, and the workshop is so clean, you could eat your dinner off the floor!
Keith Spillett



Last year my car developed it’s own pond in the back of my ancient Golf. This water had been looked at before without success – Andy agreed to take on the challenge – a few days before Christmas. When I went to collect my car, Andy’s brother, Roger, explained that they weren’t sure if they had found the source of the problem; but in spite of torrential rain since, the water has not re-appeared. Honesty in my book always much appreciated – the photos of my poor Golf being operated on I understand were necessary – but for me they were a little too distressing!
There was a slight unforeseen hiccup on Christmas Eve; Andy was called again, and he met me promptly at his garage in the morning, and this was resolved.
A third visit was necessary to do some ‘finishing’. All staff at all times were polite and courteous. Brilliant stuff.
Chrissie Boehm



After Christmas, and as the car continued to dry out, I settled into thinking I might be lucky and get another 6 months of problem free motoring from the ancient Golf, but didn’t count on the sleeping policeman as big as Everest that decided to take out my oil sump. Thanks, Ealing council – I was NOT driving fast!)
Andy was called again – the tow truck arrived really quickly with a super polite Lowman – and the car was speedily fixed.
At all times, the mechanics were friendly and courteous on all 5 visits -so a big recommendation from me – it was all so pain free.
Brilliant stuff – Tony Fowkes Automobiles of Park Royal!
Chrissie Boehm



I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the outstanding service you provided to me recently in servicing and resolving some faults on my car.
I was extremely impressed by the fact that you collected my car and provided me with a courtesy car in exchange. I am sure you know that very few garages extend this level of service and it is a real credit to you that you do.
You did the work on the car in the timescale you promised and returned it in a state of cleanliness that it had not seen for many years.
As ever you were professional in every way and it was a real pleasure to deal with you.
I look forward to using your services again in the future and I will be very keen to refer you.
Charles Scholefield



I asked Andy Fowkes of Tony Fowkes Automobiles to provide me an estimate for replacing a new clutch in my van.
Andy Fowkes responded quickly and a quote was provided. Immediately after the Christmas break work started on repairs and I was kept informed on how work was progressing. Within a couple of days repairs were complete and the van delivered back.
I was very impressed by the attention to detail given and the clean state of the van when returned. I would not hesitate in recommending Tony Fowkes Automobiles for their care and attention and carrying out the required repairs quickly and without fuss.
Naresh Gupta



What can I say about Tony Fowkes Automobiles. Just that they are absolutely fantastic!
My Mercedes developed a fault – battery drain. This meant that I would charge the battery overnight and in the morning it was full but by the end of the day it was flat. Anyway, I changed the battery to a brand new one and it made no difference. So I took my car into Brentford Mercedes. They had the car for 2 days and final came back and told me the fault is the battery. So I told them it a brand new battery – Oh! ‘they said, well to us it shows the battery is at fault and gave me the car.
They had the car back in to look at it again – must of now had the car for a total of 2 and half weeks. `Sorry we can’t find the any fault’ they said. But we can see it is draining battery. But it’s a Mercedes and your Mercedes you must know your own cars.
Anyway, after all that I took the car to Tony Fowkes Automobiles and within a day they found the fault -ordered new parts and fixed it. Wow!
So – if you really want your car fixed – don’t go to cowboys like Brentford Mercedes – Go to the experts like Tony Fowkes Automobiles!
Gurmail Dhaliwal



Running is business is a difficult thing to do. It is even more difficult when your clients expect you to be perfect all of the time… like ours do.
The secret with Palmdale Motors’ car-finding business is that we actually don’t know a huge amount about how cars work. Sure, we can list you every engine option available in a 1987 BMW, but how that engine works is a little like magic for us. Something to do with combustible fuel and a spark… I think!
But we don’t have to know what an engine does. We don’t have to know how to fit a shock absorber. We don’t have to know how to fit a window regulator. We know you.
have lost count how many cars you have now worked on for us, but my guess would be between 50 and 100. The cars have varied hugely, as has the work we have asked you to do, but your commitment never has.
You are honest, extremely approachable, friendly, expert, reasonably priced, quick to complete work, accurate with your estimates, unendingly flexible and lust brilliant in every way.
And everybody we refer to you feels the same way, especially, for example, when you take a £2,800 quote one of our clients received from their local Audi dealer, and complete exactly the same work for £138.
Whether you are preparing a race car for us for the most grueling track in the work, or completing a simple oil and filter change (both things you have done for us this week, incidentally), we are proud to refer to you as “our mechanics”.
Ashley Winston



I came across your garage about two years ago and I was told that you are a one can trust. While dealing previously with garages in the area I had few bad experiences and I was in position that all garages are the rip-off”. You have changed my opinion to “all garages are the rip-off, but not Tony Fowkes Automobiles”!
I used you few times since and was always impressed with customer service and attention to detail you are providing. I was always been informed about cost of the parts and given the option to choose original manufacturer parts and non-original replacements. Furthermore you provided recommendations for what should be looked at in the future, but you never pushed the sale, sometimes even recommending to postpone these for year or two. When I asked about timing belt replacement you haven’t only got back to me with a quote, but said that I don’t need to do one for next 40 000 miles.
I am truly impressed and will be using your services in the future, as well as I will be recommending you to all my contacts.
Jakub Kosiec



Mechanic Shmechanic. Who cares about mechanics? I don’t — well…that was until I needed a mechanic — then I needed a REALLY good one.
You may remember the fateful day (my Birthday in actual fact), where I had somehow managed to wrap my car around a tree and thereby create a new addition to the Chiswick landscape, all prior to coming in to do my 10 minutes.
Subsequently, I was informed by my insurance company that my car was written off and there was no hope of repairing it for less than twice the value of the car and I should start looking for another car.
Despondent and dismayed, I decided to give Ashley a call who said that I should give the crew at Tony Fowkes a call. Well, I’m glad I did.
Yes, there was the obligatory chin-rubbing and sharp intakes of breath, but after taking a look at my car, they informed me they would be able to fix it cost-effectively. Through clever sourcing of parts not only did Tony Fowkes save me £1,000 on the initial quotation, but I was also given a courtesy car for 10 days whilst my car was being repaired.
I can wholeheartedly say that Tony Fowkes ARE very good, and will not hesitate to use them again, when I am in need of a GREAT mechanic (hopefully not too soon!)
Geoff Alexander



I just wanted to give a very big thank you to the guys at Tony Fawkes for the magnificent body work repair they carried out on my fleet cars. Everyone at Tony Fawkes is very honest, polite and friendly_ I just wanted to give them a big thank you for all the hard work they put into bringing my cars back to the way it was. They’ve organized everything for us from helping with the insurance claim to supplying us with the courtesy car on the house. Work was done to a very high standard and the cars look better than they did before. I will continue to use Tony Fawkes and recommend them to anyone I know.
Bartek Hladun



Tony Fowkes automobiles recently did some body repairs on my wife’s car which is a lease car due to be returned in the next few weeks and it must be in good order The workmanship is excellent and the car looks as good as new.
A courtesy car was provided and delivery via Roger who lives only a few miles from where we live made life much easier.
A very big thank you for providing such an excellent service. We will have no hesitation in recommending Tony Fowkes Automobiles to others.
Robert Thompson



I would like to say a big thank you to Andy for repairing the dents on my car.
The service I received was first class. From the moment the car was dropped off, I was kept in constant contact regarding the repairs and the length of time the repair would take. He was very trust worthy and didn’t look for extra work, in fact in the end it was cheaper than he first thought. The courtesy car provided was excellent and suited my day to day working life.
Great service and very friendly. I will be recommending you to all my family and friends.
Denise Barcessat



I wanted to write and tell everyone about how great you all are at Tony Fowkes Automobiles Now I’ve been taking my car (and my wife’s) to you guys for about 3 years, since I first met Andy at a BNI training event.
I can honestly say that I would not consider anyone else now to look after our cars. Your servicing plans are as thorough as that of the main dealers but about 2/3 of the price, you come and collect my car from the office and leave me with a courtesy car at no extra charge and your entire team from you on reception to Roger in the workshop are thoroughly pleasant to deal with.
Last week, I had 4 new tyres on my Jeep, something I’d been dreading since Kwik Fit replaced the last lot at huge expense ! You collected my car in the morning, replaced the tyres and returned my car within a day and I can honestly say that I was pleasantly surprised at the cost
Keep up the good work !
Robin Curtis



Following my recent accident on the M3, I was recommended to contact you by Keith Spillett, which he subsequently did on my behalf.
From the moment AA Relay delivered us yo Andy’s workshop, nothing could have been smoother. Having spent nearly an hour standing by the motorway on the phone to the AA, trying to get the car picked up, I was concerned how things were going to work out. But, from the moment I saw Andy’s friendly face, I knew I was in safe hands. Over a welcome cup of tea, he took all the necessary details, arranged a courtesy car for me and took over the entire management of the repair.
The car was returned few days later, looking as good as new. Andy was even prepared to arrange collection at a time when he wouldn’t normally be open, as I couldn’t get the time off during normal working hours. Also, whilst the work was underway, Andy emailed me several progress reports, which I thought was a nice touch.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Tony Fowkes Automobiles to anybody needing work to be done on their vehicle. In my experience, the quality of their work is exceptional — the family tradition I suppose.
Finally, I have to say that my work in the conference industry takes me to quite a few 4/5* hotels, where I’ve experienced KITCHENS that weren’t as clean and tidy as Andy’s workshop! Tony Fowkes Automobiles are certainly 5* to me!
Anna Barber



When I purchased my car 4 years ago, I was ‘conned’ by the dealer into taking their manufacturer’s servicing package, which I was soon to find cost me a LOT of money! That ran out last year, so when it came to the time for THIS year’s service and MOT, I took the vehicle to Tony Fowkes Automobiles. There are several garages in the same area, most of which look disgustingly dirty and unpleasant. Fowkes is like an oasis, and you ‘almost’ feel you could eat your dinner off the floor!
When I booked, they asked if I minded leaving the vehicle over two days, as they could fit me in sooner if I could. I agreed, and, to my surprise, received a ‘status call’ on the first night, which I’ve never had from another garage.
They phoned ME to tell me when the car was finished – rather than the usual need to pester a garage to find out for yourself — and when I arrived to collect, the car had been cleaned and ready to drive away, which doesn’t always happen, in my experience.
I was expecting ‘great things’, and I certainly got them. I would have no qualms about recommending people to use Tony Fowkes Automobiles for all matters car-related.
Keith Spillett



Over the past two months you have carried out two repairs to my aged car, once when automatic gear box ceased to function and again to get it through the MOT. On both occasions I was given a clear (and sympathetic!) explanation of what was required, a very reasonable quotation, and several options. The repairs were carried out quickly and efficiently and I was provided with a courtesy car while this was being done, and even ferried back and forward to the tube station. As a final touch the car was returned not only in working order but cleaned as well. I would have no hesitation in recommending Tony Fowkes Automobiles to others for all types of car repairs.
Tony Fieldhouse



This is to thank you for the fabulous job your team have carried out on one of our company cars. We can keep these cars for another 2 years on the road a huge saving . The car you have finished looks as good as new. I will be getting over to the rest of our cars for you to refurbish . I would have no hesitation in recommending your company
John Bishop



My car was involved in a car crash between 3 vehicles on the 15th of February. It was drivable but in need for professional repairs. I decided it to give it out to Tony Fowkes Automobiles. I was fully explained what and how it all happened to have my car looking good and feeling good again. I was also advised that it would be good to kind of prolong the works. There was a very good reason for it of which I did not know. My car is due to MOT on the 28th of March and Andy told me that the earliest we could do it was the 28th of February and have it all done at once, which sounded like a perfect plan of actions. Not every car workshop tell you that.
I was given a courtesy car from Tony Fowkes Automobiles so my business and clients did not suffer. I could work as normal.
When I got my car back Andy and Roger told me all the news in brief, which was very informative and important as soon I shall be going away by car to Poland. So I simply wanted to have a peace of mind that it feels good.
Tony Fowkes Automobiles are top professionals at what they do. Their attention to detail is superb. They find innovative solutions to problems and most importantly they are honest.
I could not recommend them more highly.
Yaro Kowalczyk



Andy and Roger were recommended by Chrissie Boehm when my car needed its annual MOT and service. From the first they were helpful – giving me, at short notice, an appointment at the time and date I requested.
Professional, they kept in contact throughout, offering options when my car failed the MOT. They are smart, their work shop was well equipped, organised and clean. Finally sending me away with the MOT certificate and a clean, sweet smelling car!
I had to return with a problem a few days later, but it was detected with sharp ears not machinery – these guys know their stuff.
I would not hesitate to recommend Tony Fowkes garage.
Felicity Wells



I think there are some businesses that can never have enough praise, and the guy Fowkes certainly fit that bill.
The battery in my ancient Golf died at kerbside outside my house – but who should arrive on his trusty bicycle to give my car a good Bosch -battery that is – Racing Roger.
Battery replaced; bike stowed in the boot and the Golf went off to the garage for further investigations and repairs. When fixed – they also offered to return it to me at home as 1 was a bit poorly at the time.
Their bills are very reasonable, their staff friendly, their garage clean -and Dad is still keeping an eye on them!
Great garage – Tony Fowkes Automobiles of Park Royal.
Chrissie Boehm



I would like to thank Andrew and Roger for making my sleeps at night much less worry!
What I mean is that we can now wake up on bitter cold mornings and not have to worry that our old Freelander, will actually start without us having to connect up a power charger and jump starting the flat battery. Previously, the car was registered with two Land Rover garages, both of whom were made aware of the temperamental ignition problems on cold damp winter mornings, and with all their sophisticated computer software, could not locate the problem, except to charge us for replacing the battery.
Three years and three batteries later, the problem still persisted, that is until the car was booked into Tony Fowkes Automobiles. My car was returned to me this week, with not only the problem diagnosed and fixed, but also oil and coolant topped up and vacuumed and washed.
Not only will I keep coming back to you guys and recommend you to all our family and friends, but I will not be returning to Land Rover anytime soon. Thanks again for everything…and a good night sleep!
Mamita Woodward



I’d like to say a big ‘thank you’ to Roger, Andy and the team for repairing my car recently. Our Audi A4 had a rain water leak into the interior. There was quite a lot of water. The team were quick in identifying the source of the problem and sorting it out. We had previously thought that we should only go to an Audi specialist for our car. Tony Fowkes Automobiles seem to know their stuff and don’t seem phased by any car problem. They give you the impression they are logical thinkers and good technicians who don’t waste time. I will be recommending you to others.
Thanks for the prompt, reliable service with a smile!
Olivera and Alexander Babic



I wanted to thank you for the efficiency in servicing my car. I was a very demanding and maybe annoying customer but Andy was very professional and was able to deliver an excellent service. 1 requested Andy to provide me with a courtesy car and on the day I was going to be given a manual car which I did not want — I wanted an Auto. Andy very politely stated he would be happy to arrange for me to come back once they have an auto. I believe if it was any other dealer maybe they would have stated ‘you have a manual so you should be able to drive a manual courtesy car’. Andy understood my circumstances and was able to service my car in one day. Had I gone to the Audi dealer they would have taken 2-3 days to service my car. Thank you so much for the lovely service you have provided.
Pooja Verma



I had the unfortunate experience of being involved in a three car accident. Luckily for me I was the car in front and had no injuries. I spoke to Andy and he guided me through the process of claiming from the third party’s insurance, coordinating the courtesy car through third party insurance as well as got the car repaired. He went out of his way to give my car a little extra TLC and make it look even better than it was before.
The whole process was professional, hassle-free and both Andy and the office staff were very helpful at all times. I WILL HAPPILY RECOMMEND Tony Fowkes to anyone in similar situation.
Peter Augustine



Having given Tony Fowkes Automobiles three different jobs in recent months, 1 felt it necessary to write to you and let you know about my experiences in dealing with your company.
On all occasions l was dealt with promptly, courteously, and professionally by everyone at the garage, irrespective of who I was dealing with me.
Not only was the service great but the prices were competitive as well, and I can honestly say that after the last occasion when my wife’s car was serviced for the first time by a non manufacturers garage, it actually felt better to drive afterwards, on previous occasions we could never tell the difference.
At last I feel I have found a garage that I can trust to give me sound advice, is genuinely helpful, and does a great job, and I’ve already started to recommend you to my friends and colleagues. Thanks again for the great work you’ve done and hopefully I won’t be back too soon, but I will be back!
Roo Joshi


I would like to thank you for service that Tony Fowkes Automobiles provided to me few weeks back.
I was preparing for 2000 miles trip across Europe and at the evening just before departure, I was unlucky to rip off a bumper and damaged some cover under the chassis of my car. Next morning I have come to your garage, of course without any booking.
When I explained the position I was in, I was just asked to relax, get a cup of tea and patiently wait while Roger started work immediately. After two hours bumper and all covers were back in place and I could drive away knowing that I will not lose in somewhere in Germany.
I am again truly impressed with your customer service and individual approach to every job you attend, I think that I don’t need to add that you saved our holiday.
Jakub Kosiec


I would like to say a very big Thank you to Roger for the service we received in Tony Fowkes Automobiles.
As a gardening business we carry a lot of equipment in our van. To make them more secure we decide to install additional locks.
Roger offer us a very competitive price and was very keen to work around our busy schedule. He not only book installation of the locks for Friday afternoon, but after he finished. he drop the van to my place 9pm same evening.
It was truly outstanding service. I can not recommend Tony Fawkes Automobiles enough.
Sebastian Balajewicz



I had the misfortune to be involved in a minor accident causing some damage, for which insurer would not accept that third party would be liable.
Naturally, I took the car to Tony Fawkes only to learn from the insurer that if I do not use their own garage, I will have to pay an additional excess of £250! The question was, shall I use my own trusted garage or try to save some money by using the unknown garage.
Andy came up with a solution. He agreed to get the work done at a price not much higher than the insurance excess, and to do it promptly. Decision was easier now. Rather than wait for days and possibly weeks for the insurance process to deal with the matter, I decided to do it without insurance claim and the work was done and the car returned same evening.
So I had the use of the car which I needed that weekend without having to spend too much from my pocket. As a bonus, Andy handed the car back, nice and clean, with their trade mark paper mat and a car freshener.
As always, prompt service and great value. I will gladly recommend Tony Fawkes, irrespective of whether an insurance claim is possible or not.
Peter Augustine



Just like visiting a dealer – but with much better service.
John Paul



Many thanks to you and the team – you’ve done a great job!
Angela Rippon



Wife is pleased with the work especially when she found it cleaned inside out.
Thanks again and will def recommend you to my friends and customers.
Shenaz Sadri



Brilliant work. Well done. Car drives proper!



Feels like a new car, nice work the Fowkes brothers!
Andrew Waterman