A very interesting case was presented to us recently. The owner had mistakenly topped up the ARC (Active Roll Control) reservoir with water – as opposed to the highly specific Cold Climate Power Steering Fluid (Land Rover part no. STC50519). Upon inspection, the fluid in the system was already very milky from the introduction of the water.

The ARC system is designed to improve comfort and enhance the driver experience. It’s equipped on Range Rovers and Range Rover Sport models from around 2010. This particular vehicle with the ARC system was a 2015 L494 Range Rover Sport.

Introducing water into this sophisticated system could potentially prove very expensive to rectify.

We were presented with fault codes:

C1B11-62 – Pressure Control Valve

C1B11-92 – Pressure Control Valve

C1119-09 Hydraulic Pressure

By following the Land Rover bleeding procedure (using diagnostic equipment) and quite a significant quantity of Cold Climate Power Steering Fluid (STC50519) we were able to bleed the water induced milky fluid out of the system and return it to its former operating prowess.

It is an intricate, involved process that takes time and patience. Followed correctly, the system can be saved from significant repair costs.

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