Jaguar XJ8: C1095 ABS Hydraulic Pump Motor Circuit Open

This beautiful Jaguar XJ8 was presented to us recently with the ABS light illuminated. The XJ8 was produced from 1997 – 2003.

Fault codes present were: C1095 – ABS Hydraulic Pump Motor Circuit Open.

Also / similar fault code: C1095 – Pump Motor Circuit Failure.

The failure in this case is a breakdown within the circuitry of the ABS Pump Module. We’ve devised a method – in house – of repairing these units. This is very cost effective, doesn’t mean the vehicle is off the road for days on end and we can normally carry out the procedure within a day.

The cost at the time of this edit (13th May 2022) is £500.00 inc VAT. That’s job done – start to finish. We will remove unit from vehicle and then refit and re-bleed the system after repairs.