A very interesting case of a Ford Transit Custom that kept dropping into limp home mode came into the workshop. The vehicle had already been to another garage that had advised the DPF filter was blocked. The garage carried out a forced regeneration and told the owner all was good……
Unfortunately all was not good. 300 miles and a week later, the DPF light was back on again and the van was in limp mode again.
The owner decided to take it back to the same garage and they did exactly the same thing: carried out a forced regeneration and told him all was good….!
Just like clockwork, a week later, the light was back on and the van was in limp mode.
Lucky for him, he found The
 DPF doctor @ Tony Fowkes Automobiles….
We carried out our in-depth DPF Doctor assessment and quickly got to the bottom of the problem. The faults were rectified and we were able to initiate our on-vehicle 3 stage DPF cleaning process. The results still impress me every time we do this process. After extensive road testing and monitoring the DPF operation, we were able to confirm the fix and return the vehicle back to the customer. We didn’t even have to remove the DPF from the vehicle to carry out the cleaning process.
Another successful DPF problem solved.





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