This vehicle arrived in Limp mode (restricted power) together with the Engine Management light illuminated on the dash.
Fault Codes Present were:

480A – Particulate filter system
481A – Particulate filter system

4B11- Smooth running controller

Due to the cars rough running and faults stored in the Engine ECU, the DPF had become badly blocked due to it being unable to regenerate itself – self clean itself. Additionally – as a result of driving it with these stored fault codes – the blocked DPF was just a knock on effect. We discovered numerous faults that needed rectification. The crux of the matter was engine breathability – the engine was restricted and just couldn’t breath efficiently as it was originally designed to do.
All faults were rectified and we were able to initiate our on-vehicle 3 stage DPF cleaning process. After extensive road testing and monitoring the DPF operation, we were able to confirm the fix and return the vehicle back to the customer. We didn’t even have to remove the DPF from the vehicle to carry out the cleaning process. The car came in with the DPF almost totally blocked and left our workshop running like a rocket ship!
Another successful DPF problem solved without the need to replace the DPF.

Do you have a DPF problem and would like the problem diagnosed correctly?

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